The start of Miss Amity USA, where everything begins.

Kovie Tina Ogbodo
Kovie Tina Ogbodo
Founder & Chief Executive Officer/Executive Producer/Creative Director of Miss Amity USA LLC
President of Miss Amity USA Foundation Incorporated:
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1998 was a pivotal year for a humble and kind-hearted young woman, who was born and raised in Nigeria. It was in this year, on the campus of Delta State University, that Kovie Tina Ogbodo won the “Miss Delta State University” beauty pageant. It was this first title gain, which catapulted a string of wins, where Kovie would make history, as being the only triple crown holder, in one year, when she also won the “Miss Isoko” pageant and “Queen of Delta” titles.

The following year, in 1999, Kovie qualified to take part in the national pageant and one of the biggest beauty pageants in Nigeria-the “Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria” Pageant, where she placed as second runner-up. Proving, yet again, that she was destined for greatness in the pageantry industry. Even as runner-up, Kovie was honored to be chosen to represent Nigeria at the prestigious “Miss World” beauty pageant, held in London.

“It was here, at this level, where I knew that I had a purpose and a calling. Representing beauty, intelligence, and grace was one aspect, but creating a platform for young women to gain confidence, to empower them, and to create amazing opportunities for them, was what I knew that I was called to do” explains Kovie.

Fast forward to 2004; after having graduated from college in 2002, with a degree in Theater Arts, Kovie moved to Houston, Texas, to start her career and to create a great life with her husband and their three beautiful children. In the process of being a mother, a wife, a career woman, gaining two more college degrees and being a philanthropist, Kovie also began to execute her plan to mentor young women, in the same way, that she had been mentored — in pageantry.

“During the Miss World Pageant, I remember meeting all of these amazing young women from 94 different countries. It was a tremendous experience,” remembers Kovie. “That was the experience that motivated me to decide that someday I would lay the foundation for a pageant that would also be a source of empowerment to young, diverse women.”

And presently, as Founder/CEO of Miss Amity USA LLC and President of Miss Amity USA Foundation Incorporated, Kovie, is ready to create a “Queendom” of her own with the Miss Amity USA Pageant.

“I am genuinely excited and privileged to establish and manage this platform and make my dreams of empowering young girls to make a difference in their community, come true. It is for this reason that I’ve decided to start the ‘Miss Amity USA’ pageant. My wish is to bring a positive change in the lives of young girls who aspire to reach higher achievements than their society enables and expects them to gain. I want to use this platform to bring together young aspiring women of all races and ethnicities so that we can all work together in making a difference in our society. I want to give these young ladies the confidence to pursue their dreams, and in doing so, they will make all of my dreams come true as well,” explains, Kovie.

Spoken like a true QUEEN.