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Judging Criteria

Find out how we choose the best winner for the pageant.

The judging process will be based on each participant’s ability to present poise, confidence, and a pleasant atmosphere.

As a contestant, you will be judged based on the following categories:

Opening number- The opening number, though not scored, is a vital part of the competition where each contestant introduces themselves to the audience and make a first impression.

  • lady wearing swimsuit
    Swimsuit/Active Wear- In this category of the competition, each contestant is evaluated on stage presence, physical fitness, posture, and confidence.
    *You are allowed to wear a wrap over your swimsuit.
  • lady wearing long gown
    Evening Gown- In this category, the judges are not just looking at how well the choice of your gown compliments you, but they are also looking at your poise, grace, posture, and how well you carry yourself.
  • lady standing
    Personal Interview- In this category, contestants are scored on personality and how well they can articulate with confidence.

There is NO talent competition.

Along with the judges’ decision, the audience will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite. For this reason, contestants are encouraged to invite as many people as possible to the finale event to be part of the audience. The winner will be chosen by both the live votes from the audience and the judges’ votes. An independent Accountant will verify and confirm the results. The lucky young woman will receive the title of Miss Amity USA. Apply now; you may be the one!

Scorecard (Preliminary)

Criteria Swimsuit/Active Wear 20%
Evening Wear 40%
Interview 40%

Scorecard (Finale)

Criteria Opening Number 0%
Swimsuit/Active Wear 20%
Evening Wear 30%
Interview 20%
Audience Vote 30%

The Selection Process

We will select the top 15 from the preliminary competition, but will not announce the results until the finale. We will announce the top 15 after all participants have introduced themselves in the opening number. The scorecards will be erased as the semi-finalist re-compete in the swimsuit/active wear and evening wear category. At this point, we will announce the top 5 who will answer two random questions each. The judges will rank the contestants accordingly and reveal our new titleholder.