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From a Hopeful Applicant to the Event of Your Life

Miss Amity USA is beyond beauty and success. It’s mainly about values, beliefs, and ethical principles. Driven by the belief in freedom and equality, we encourage and empower young women from all cultures and races to be part of our pageant. White, black, African or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Non-Hispanic whites, Asian, Native American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Mixed Race or any other race. We are open to all young girls who aspire to go beyond their dreams.

Do you look or feel beautiful? Are you at least 14 and under 30? Apply for the Miss Amity USA pageant NOW. Your race, cultural, and ethnic background doesn’t matter and should not be an obstacle on your way to fulfilling your dream. You’ll Never Forgive Yourself If You Miss This Opportunity

The Decision

You don’t need to look in the mirror or ask your friends. Don’t hesitate — if you are beautiful or feel beautiful, join the trendy Miss Amity USA Pageant now! We guarantee an experience of a lifetime. It’s an exciting contest that can change your life forever. You’ll meet new friends, create new relationships, and you’ll be proud to become a role model to young women all over the country. So get started now!

The Application

Fill out the application form and indicate which city in Texas you wish to represent. Picking a city is on a first come, first serve basis. Submit a complete body and headshot photograph. A non-refundable entry fee must be paid for your application to be reviewed. After we receive the completed form, we will send you additional paperwork, as well as inform you of the date for the preliminary. Spaces are limited, so apply now for a chance to be a contestant on the prestigious Miss Amity USA pageant. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to call us at 832-872-2345 or you can also email the pageant office at Don’t wait, apply now!

2018 Application has ended. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on 2019 enrollment date.